Paul Harris & The Cleverlys


The Starlite Theatre is excited to announce that “Paul Harris and the Cleverlys,” one of Branson’s most popular and unique shows, will return to the Strip, and call the Branson theatre home in 2014.



Paul Harris, an Arkansas native, is widely known as a comedian, singer and musician, with tastes ranging from rock to bluegrass, and has been performing in Branson for nearly 20 years.

Having such a long career in the area, Harris has gotten his shows down to a science.

“The 2014 Branson show, will still be the same format, but there’s going to be some new material,” he said. “I do stand-up comedy, so I’ll do a 40-minute comedy set of some of my best old stuff and a lot of new stuff I’ve been writing this winter.”

Much like Jeff Foxworthy, who Harris has opened for in the past, he uses his southern charm to tackle nearly every subject there is, but he always walks the line and keeps his show clean.

Once his stand-up is done, Harris is joined by his band to play a few bluegrass tunes before the Cleverlys take over in the second half.



The Cleverlys, Harris’ bluegrass band, started at the bottom and quickly gained a large following when a their cover of the Black Eyed Peas tune “I Gotta Feeling” was posted on YouTube in 2010 and quickly went viral. To date, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times. They also perform classic and contemporary tunes from artists such as the Zombies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flo Rida, Fergie, Beyonce and PSY.

Meet the Cleverlys:
VD Cleverly crop 2Vernon Dean “ V.D” Cleverly is my brother, he left home at an early age, didn’t even leave Momma a note or nothing. Him and a bunch of long hairs camped in the National Forest over round Cleveland Knob for 15 years. Finally he came to his senses and moved back home with his wife T Fairy and their son J Zone. They started an Earthy Retreat called the Sun People. Its actually just a teepee they set up behind Grand Mommy’s house, and they set in there and burn funny smellin’ incense and make dream catchers outta cat hair. He plays banjo and is our Karma Director.

RickyLloydCleverly crop 2Ricky Lloyd Cleverly, he goes by Lloyd… The first L is silent…kinda soft L…otherwise it would be pronounced LaLoyd, is our sister Delva’s boy. He grew up round Culp, Arkansas til he was bout six.  When he was out in the barn lot at Aunt Punk’s place… well he got thirsty and grabbed the milk goat’s teat and went to nursing. Next day she was dead… she had contracted an unidentified fungus from his saliva.  Next day these dudes showed up from the National Saliva Institute in St. Paul Minnesota wearing space suits and he lived in their laboratory til they found out that his spit is the antidote to the Kimodo Dragon bite! And he is single ladies!! He plays Dog House Bass, the Phonograph Sound Machine in the group, he also is huge in the Amish Rave scene.

MonkCleverly crop 2Monk Cleverly is mine and V.D.’s baby brother. He is the son of Daddy and Daddy’s baby momma.  He plays Mandolin, Guitar, and is the best harmony singer in the family. He has decided to use his platform as a picker for the betterment of mankind… well whales… yes that’s right whales?  The boy ain’t never even seen one but that don’t stop him from going down to the Niffin Hole every evening to see if one happens by. Anyways, I’m proud of the boy, he started an annual benefit squirrel hunt to save whales. For every squirrel that’s killed a dollar fi’teen cents is donated to Save the Whales… so ya’ll come and kill a squirrel and save a whale.

DiggerCleverly crop 2I’m Digger Cleverly. I have two boys Digger Jr and Digger Jr Jr. Their momma died in a tragic mayonnaise accident. They had a step momma once, but her job artificially inseminating sea turtles drowned her.  I been a professional musician since I was 16. You prolly member my band the Rickets. We had that hit “ Dry Hunch” on Stabbin Cabin Records, it went all the way to 98 before it got knocked off.  I ain’t trying to name drop but I’ve played with the likes of Jerry Bethal, he and I co-wrote that hit “Thank God You Got Two”.  Anyways, I play guitar and do the lead sangin’.








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