Ricochet – October 13th  |  7:30


In 1996 the members of country super group Ricochet watched their debut single, “What Do I Know”, rise to the Top 5 earning the band the honor of the highest charting debut single of the year.

The follow up single release, “Daddy’s Money”, became an immediate across the board hit, rising to #1 on the Radio & Records Country Singles Chart, the Gavin Country Singles Chart and the Billboard Country Singles Chart (where it stayed #1 for two consecutive weeks).

The band’s distinctive musical style and intricate harmonies earned them the recognition as one of the most popular vocal groups in country music, a mantle they still wear today

Now, more than fifteen years later, “The Hardest Working Band In Country Music” is still going strong. The band continues to create great country music, sung with the distinctive harmonies that are their hallmark. They log thousands of miles on the road each year thrilling audiences of all ages across the United States and abroad.

Join us for one night of incredible country music with Ricochet!

Ricochet is: 

Heath Wright – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar & Fiddle (and Dough Bro, that’s the guy that hands out the money at the end of the night!)
Chris Hempfling – Drums & Vocals (and lead whistler)
Steve Hamby – Bass Guitar & Vocals (backup whistler)
Larry Hight – Steel Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone & Vocals (and “old-man noises”)
Matt Harelik – Keyboards, Trumpet & Vocals (auxiliary percussion and occasional Jews Harp)

• Ricochet’s debut single, “What Do I Know”, was the highest charting debut single of 1996 rising to #3 in R&R and #5 in Billboard. The follow up release, “Daddy’s Money”, was #1 in R&R, Billboard, Gavin and Country Network.

• Recognized as one of Country Music’s hardest working groups, Ricochet has performed thousands of shows over the past 15+ years and they continue to perform to sold out venues all over North America.

• Ricochet is the only the only country artist to ever chart our National Anthem and is in constant demand to perform it live. They have performed the anthem for our men and women in uniform, at NASCAR Sprint Cup Events, at Major League Baseball Events, at National Football League Events, at National Hockey League Events, at PBR and PRCA Professional Rodeo Events and others national events.